Things That Were Missing !

‘Siblings are blessings of God’

Yes they are indeed. No matter how much you guys fight throughout your entire life, but the truth is you can not live without each other. If you are young, you would laugh and say ‘I don’t need her/him. Take’em away. But as you grow older, this becomes more clear.

Ohhh. . . You’re the elder one? You’re the boss dude. Get all your work done from your younger sibling, order them coz they are born to serve you ???????????? Tell them they were adopted, that your parents got them from a dumpyard. You own them. Make them dance like a joker to entertain you. 

Younger one? I see. . . You have the access to the most lethal weapon. What’s that? Dude. . . Your mother. Just cry and you’ll get what you want, even if your elder sibling owns it ???????????? Get bribe from your elder one to keep a secret of theirs, it’s worth doing.

Alas! Having someone with whom you have your most precious memories is just amazing.

To know that no matter what your elder brother, your elder sister is standing with you on your lows, that you younger sibling is someone you want to take care of throughout your life, the sight of whom being hurt is something you can not bear. 

Amazing relationship, isn’t it?

But wait. There are people who have missed these things in their life. People who have never felt anything like this. People like me, people like you, yes, the people who are a single child. Yes, we do have cousins but the kind of love there’s between siblings is always missing.

We never had anyone to call with weird names just to irritate them to crying. 

We never had anyone to tell us that we were adopted, anyone to tease us.

We don’t have a elder sister to love us like she’s our mother, to make us look our best, to make us be her child while she played ‘Ghar-Ghar’, to hold her hand while we went to school with her. No one to wipe our tears when we get our knee bruised while playing.

We don’t have a elder brother to treat us like a Princess, to make us feel secure when any boy broke our dolls. Hey, you can’t do that to his sister. Only he is allowed to annoy his sister. That’s his birth right. 

There’s so much that we missed in our lives. We don’t exactly know what it is to share the same parents, the same house, the same room too. 

We are just a bunch of people who find brothers and sisters in school and college but the truth is this is always going to be missing in our lives.

With love ❤

A single child