Tiny Built A Nest of Dreams


Tiny feet walking in the world unrevealed,

Tiny lips uttering words of hope and faith,

Tiny eyes looking out for the magnificence that exists,

Tiny hands holding onto the treasure called dreams.

The tiny had no fear of the maze,

It wandered to be lost in the ‘away from home’ trail,

The tiny dared to dream,

Not once,

Not twice,

Not thrice,

But a nest full of them did it seam.

Dreams of lands full of magic,

Dreams of happiness and beauty,

Dreams of tree houses on river-sides,

Dreams of mermaids, ice castles, and chocolate flurry.

Dreams of being everything at once,

Dreams of being the light in the dull,

Dreams of being the love that’s pure,

Dreams of living ‘lives’ colossal.

Tiny dreamt of the Prince Charming,

The triumph of good over bad being its thesis,

The only limit is the imagination,

The one tiny had set unleashed.

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