Traces Of Grim


Saw her smiling,

She’s a vivacious girl.

That guy on the field,

Oh! His lips have those beautiful curves.

The one with those storybooks,

He surely has a vibrant soul.

The one looking at you with tenderness,

Has a heart full of warmth.

I have it all, Laughs, love, empathy, satisfaction within me,

Everything good, just like these soft crumbs of a bread loaf.

But looking down the cup of my life,

I see that’s certainly not all I have got.

Weighing the happiness in these facades,

I know that appearances can be deceptive for sure.

With darkness as a constant companion,

The one you know can be the one you never really know,

There are faces we see,

And then we have the same faces carrying a cloak.

There’s an untold story to every person,

There are grief and pain, they carry forward.

Just like ‘Hope and Hopeless’ have the same beginning,

One can be ‘Dynamic and Dying ‘ at the same instant.

Dark circles, hidden with tons of makeup,

There are dark sides that we can not trim.

Yes, Happiness is my forever,

But with a lifetime of traces of grim.

P.S. Harry Potter reference of the image