What Did I Want More?


And what did I want more?
Other than just a full day to myself all alone.
But I guess your insecurities have no bound.
It’s less of my wants and more of my needs
A whole day of being just me,
Laying in bed,
Doing nothing,
Scrolling social media sites at times,
Numb faced looking out of the window,
With that perfect song playing in the background,
What a perfect day, it would be!
Where I don’t have to be according to anyone else’s need.
A day where I would give rest to my mind
A day where I would just let my soul lay in peace literally,
Letting it feel dead on a whole, the way it is supposed to be.
I have been trying to do everything that won’t hurt you for a few days now
And I deserved a day to analyze the WHAT’S WHEN’S and HOW’S.
It’s me but it’s not me
A whole lot has changed, that’s what I feel.
But it didn’t take another second for me
When you said you called him, the devil
He is and what a great deal it is.
For every time I do anything
To drop a message to the devil of my deed.
What a punishment would it be!
Everything you assume is just a hollow fake world you have made it be.
Where my silence ignites it to be the real one.
But this is me.
I would rather choose to be silent
Then give pointless explanations to anyone other than thee.
Especially on days where this solitude is forcing to be my extreme need.
On days where I just need peace.
A day to let me, be me.
I’m just tired now of this baseless relationship,
Where you expect me to love you
When that’s something I can never give.
I am me
Still the same old one
Who’s rude
Who’s more of me and less of everything you want me to be. . .