Would You Believe Me?


Would you believe me if I said,

That I couldn’t believe what I did?

That I didn’t give a damn about your pain,

Or about how I will crumble all your trust and faith.

I finally showed you how selfish I could be,

When it came to ‘The world against me’;

How those who mattered a lot once, including you,

Could be turned to mere existence to save my being.

It’s like I am the ‘touch me not’ which can’t help,

But react into savior mode to certain stimuli.

Your love and warmth evaporated into thin air,

When I should have understood you in return;

Now you see, I have seriously changed,

It’s who I am and not who I pretend to be.

All this while, you believed there’s good in me,

Would you now believe it to be gone already?

Yes, you do. . .

You believe this harsh me to be true,

For the ‘shocked and disappointed’ you,

Look at me with disgust and hostility,

For now, you see the actual damage I am capable to achieve,

For How when I said ‘I can make your life hell’,

There was no mercy in my eyes to be seen.