You Give Me An Adrenaline Rush



I got me wondering one fine night

Couldn’t call it love, almost had a fight.

Pondered over and over again,

Why I got these moments where I see you

And I see nothing but you?

Why, when it is not love, does it seem to be?

This butterfly touches you give,

That making me fall, laugh of yours,

Your ‘out of the blue’ hugs,

And oh! when you walk towards me with your eyes rooted to mine,

That look on your face, yes that secret gaze so sublime,

Why do I yearn to see you?

Why I anticipate pointlessly of things that aren’t true?

Why a glimpse of you gets me to that ecstatic peak,

Where I have this intense sudden rush throughout my body?

For all I know, you give me this Adrenaline rush

But it’s like I am a racing car stuck in traffic

Where you get me high and you punch me to reality too.

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