You’ll Float Too



As I rest my head on this cushion,

I’ve woven out of all my dreams,

I tend to caress my head,

Like always, to put me to sleep.

Eyes wide open staring at

the sky I’ve made up of the ceiling.

Looking at nothing but a single point,

I can see this pale body floating over me.

It has hanged itself to death, I perceive,

But wait, you need to know, the body is me.

Escaping from these voices in my head,

This lets me to no more feel.

For in this instant, I am lifeless

and barren to the world as I flee.

No, I can not end the pain,

But, I can surely halt it in a jiff,

For this serenity, I got right now,

It’s only because of me floating.

As you lay down to another sleepless night,

Don’t let your mind wander the agonizing avenue,

Just look up and escape the world,

I can bet you’ll float too.