Don’t make me look like I’m complicated-Life

images (16).jpgComplicated

Hey, everyone. How often have you said that “My life is so complicated” Well I’m sure numerous times. But have you ever wondered why your life is complicated??? Most will answer “Yes”. The daily life problems, the stress at work, so many expectations, relationship problems, family issues blah blah blah. . . The list goes on. I’ve said the same at times.

But my friends what I’m going to say here will change your perspective about it. Life is not complicated. We are. Think about all your problems in peace. Yes, peace and not in a rush. One by one, think about them all. Don’t blame anyone or yourself or even life when you’re thinking. Enlist all your issues and then go through them. Do they really make your life complicated ???

Even if they do, What if you don’t react to them the way you react usually. Yes, my point lies here. ” You only make things look complicated in your mind, through your actions and reactions” It’s not that complicated. If you’ll stop blabbering about they’re complicated or life’s complicated, you’ll notice how beautiful life is.

Life’s a chance to live. Don’t waste the chance blaming life. You’ve got only one life. Maturity is when you live your life without overreacting to your problems and blaming it on life or God.

Think about it. Do you really wanna complicate your life or you wanna live it ???