Not Anymore


Do I always have to wear a veil?
Ain’t I a human being?
Do I always have to live in fear?
Ain’t I supposed to breathe?

Today when the whole country is in complete chaos, there’s this one question that stands upright since years, “Would a female ever walk down the street without fear?”

With the recent molestation video reported, it’s clear that no city is safe for a female. Neither Bangalore, nor Chandigarh, nor any other city. Years have passed and so have the cases of molestation, rapes and violence against women continued. Let’s not forget about 16th December, the night that witnessed cruelty against the young girl who had never in her dreams expected the day to be her cruel end.

Where the government pledged to take strict actions against molesters, there are still people out there being a victim of such acts.

What do you think the reason behind these acts is?

Many amongst us say “It’s the girl’s mistake. She shouldn’t have worn such short inviting dress. She shouldn’t have gone out after 10 pm.” Yeah right, then what about the rapes of minor girls who have not even crossed the age of 8 years, what about the old lady who has been brutally raped recently with a Harpic bottle found inside her during postmortem.

Will our society ever grow up and change their disgusting mindset? How many more females would have to give themselves up for the society to realize it’s not the girl but the small mentality of the people that forces such acts.

If a girl is going out at night, she’s loose character.
If she’s drinking with friends, she is calling for a molest.
If divorced she is available to be abused.
If hanging out with males, she’s a slut.
God knows what more tags have been given to the females all around us.

Stop ! No !

I won’t live my life according to you. Don’t teach me what to wear, teach your sons how to see, accept and respect.

It’s high time we as a society stand up against this and empower our girls right from a tender age and teach them how to protects themselves and become independent.

Don’t do something to someone that you wouldn’t want to happen to the females of your home.

Don’t look at her like she’s a piece of meat. She’s a human being too just like your sister, mother, daughter.

Don’t just stay quiet and do nothing as you witness her being molested.

Don’t just be the victim and not raise your voice.

Don’t be the victim, stand up and kick them hard so they know you’re not weak. So they know “ NOT ANYMORE”