What it made us do !!!

We’ve passed our early teen years trying to adjust to our newly hormonal changes. Having crushes, proposing our school girls and boys, having those stupid yet so-called special moments with the “then said” love of our lives.

We were kids, we made mistakes, we learned and eventually, we grew up.

But all of it is still with us. I am not here talking about the good beautiful memories of our teen years. I am here pinpointing what we did that had the power to change everything in that one particular moment.

Hey, guys! Remember proposing your schoolmates? But do you remember your reaction after they rejected you?Some of us handled it pretty well, while some “not so well”. Don’t tell me you regret your behavior now. It’s done. Neither you nor can I change it.

Tell me what you did?

Did you cut your wrist?

Did you burn yourself?

Or yeah did you call her with names?

Did you spoil her reputation in school?

Did you attempt suicide hearing all those disgusting words from him and the whole school?

Yeah, you did.

I’m not saying what you did was wrong or right or what the now teenagers are doing is right or wrong. It’s part of growing up. We’ve our share of experiences, our share of lessons before we finally learn.

But what I want to know is who has given us the right to kill, to die, to spoil someone’s life?

Yes your luck wasn’t that bad. You survived. He survived. She survived.

But “what if” they had not? What if they weren’t strong enough to handle it.

Would you’ve been able to look into the mirror without feeling the urge to kill yourself for your mistakes?

But “what if” you had not?

Would your parents have survived without you?
Don’t do something to someone you wouldn’t want to happen to your own self.

Don’t do something that you know would shatter your loved ones.

What you do is what stays with you forever and Noone but you and your parents have to face the consequences.

Please don’t take decisions based on temporary emotions.

Yes, this all may seem absurd at that age. You’d think what does she know about our pain! About what we might be going through. But when you grow up, it would eventually make sense as it does to the ones who have gone through that phase and have learned now, have survived.

All I want to say is Please have the courage to accept rejection for this is what would help you in your life be it on an emotional level or your carrier.

There’s a lot more to life.

You’ve got this life coz you’re born to live.

Have faith

Have Hope